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For decades I have battled depression, anxiety, uncontrollable sadness, and eating disorders.  After plunging into early menopause sparked by a hysterectomy, I was spiraling fast into an unknown depth of despair.  I've been on a myriad of medications over the years and sat with many a therapist, and each one has been a bandaid.  Out of desperation, I googled "reiki and Shepherdtown" and found NOVA Alternative Wellness.  After 20 minutes with Melissa, my life forever changed.  She is powerful.  If you are skeptical, start with a consult.  She has a special gift and will work with you to create a plan toward recovery.  After several sessions with her, my nutrition is on track and my sadness has started to release.  After decades of despair, I'm waking up and Melissa is my coffee!  

Dienna 6 months ago

In June of 2017, I was referred to Melissa to get help dealing with the loss of a love one, little did I know that this would lead to a journey of self discovery.  The last 4 years has been a journey of Shamanic healings, Hypnosis, and Reiki sessions.  The greatest accomplishment was completed this weekend January 17, 2021, with me completing Level II Reiki practitioner training with Melissa.  I am so blessed and thankful for this friendship and journey.

Misty Clatterbuck a year ago

One massage with Tim can accomplish a lot. But a series can really fix things. I injured myself running a cross-country 5K and it took months and months to recover. I wanted to go to physical therapy or massage to fully fix the problem muscles. I bought a 5 pack of massage appts with Tim, one therapeutic massage every couple weeks. The progress builds from where you left off last time. We witnessed my muscles unwinding and releasing, like peeling back an onion to reveal the next problem spot as things were worked out. It took five massages to make the huge progress I was looking for. I am finally pain-free in my every day walking, but I am buying another 5-pack to help support and maintain the muscles as I get more active again. Tim is talented, gifted, calming and healing. He proved to me that massage can heal, especially with a set of visits.  

Ilene 4 years ago

First and foremost it is true that when you ask you do receive. Years of wondering, reading, curiosity and a deep down yearning in my soul to lead a better life led me first to Melissa, and then to Tim. I won't go into detail the things that I needed to change, things I wanted to make better, and area that could use healing, but they helped me achieve all of this and more. That's right, helped. Because hypnosis, cranial sacral, and raiki therapies are only achieved through partnership. I am guided to delve deep into my soul and I am a willing participant. We all have free will - nothing is going to happen without my say so!
Five years ago I was led to Melissa and we embarked on quite a journey. If you think one session will "fix" everything think again. What happens is hypnosis opens up your current life, and your past lives like a flower.The more that flower of soul life opens up, the more there is to see and make sense of. For a long while Melissa and I met every week! As time went by it became bi-monthly, then monthly, then quarterly. Around this time I added on a follow on after my hypnosis session; with Tim doing Cranio Sacral and Melissa doing Raiki at the same time. Even better results!! Relaxed from the hypnosis session, these follow on sessions provided deeper, more healing effects. These are called MTT session and I highly recommend them.
You are probably wondering how much all this costs. A fair amount, I'm not gonna lie. But not anything that would break the bank. I think of it as investing in my overall health - body, mind and soul.
The feedback I get from family and friends: you look so youthful, so vibrant, so thin. You are so positive, so happy, so giving, so confident.
My opinion of Melissa and Tim: loving, caring, tough (they hold me accountable to do my part post session), and ethical.
I love them with all my heart and thank Mother God and Father God every day for bringing us together.

heokers 8 years ago

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