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Melissa Savory 

   As a connection is never lost with all universal energies and law, we are ever more opening, connecting, and communicating with our guides, ancestors, and sometimes the angelic realms.  This is a great part of our spiritual connectedness that we work with that allows the perfect balance in any space at any time. For Melissa Savory of NOVA Alternative Wellness, this creates what is the perfect balance of Chi for relaxation and healing.


   Melissa got her start in the wellness industry by learning Usi Reiki in 1997 when her son suddenly developed asthma.  She was also getting that maybe hypnosis would also assist in his healing. This then led her to her Hypnosis training at Sylvia Browne’s Hypnosis Training Center in CA.   Although she knew at a very young age, 3-5 years old, there was something bigger and greater that was much more powerful than what we knew. She was very intrigued by Native Americans and how they were able to heal the sick and wondered why we weren’t doing the same.  With a great fascination of the sky, stars, planets, moon, etc. she knew that the universe definitely had a plan and so did she. She had a deep passion of how this all connected and how to use in a very functional way.


   Melissa had the opportunity to attend Sylvia Browne’s Hypnosis Training Center in 2008 for her hypnosis training in CA.  She then became certified through SBHTC and opened her office January 2009. This was a great success working with men and women of all ages with many issues they were dealing with.  Interestingly enough, Melissa had experienced not long prior to these clients coming to her, with the same things. With that being said, she was able to relate on a much deeper level as well as having more clarity and understanding of her clientele.  For now 10 years, Melissa has helped hundreds of people for many different issues many being huge traumas to learning why things may not be working.


   As a sought-after Peruvian based shaman, Melissa has deepened her skills by attending 2 different training methodologies…  Melissa has also had the opportunity to visit Peru in March 2018 and had a very profound experience. When returning home, she had a much different perspective on many things.  Being a Shaman, Melissa manages many levels of communicating with the spirit world through journeying, fire ceremony, rattling or drumming, just to name a few. She is very comfortable and connected as a Shamanic Practitioner.


    Melissa spent several years managing an Inn in The Plains, VA where she honed her abilities to be of service.  Tending to the equestrian world to world-renowned artists, musicians, writers, etc. she became much more comfortable working with and being more relatable to those from all levels of success.  Gaining the understanding that ALL people regardless of their status, have a story, trauma and needs some type of assistance or healing.

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Tim Lisbon

The universe can be characterized as a combination of physical and spiritual worlds. For Tim Lisbon of Nova Alternative Wellness, this is the Yin and Yang. His unique style of therapy allows the Yin of the physical world to meet and find balance with the Yang of spiritual relaxation and healing.

Tim Lisbon has provided massage and craniosacral therapies since 1991 and 1998, respectively. A 2nd-degree black belt in Classical Jujitsu, Tim was encouraged to pursue the study of massage by his martial arts instructor. His passion for healing led him on a path rich with exploration and research into the unique ways of the body and mind. In 1993, Tim was in one of the initial groups to receive National Certification in Massage Therapy. Additionally, he was certified as a Chiropractic Assistant for the state of Maryland. For the next ten years, he continued to practice the healing arts as a part-time therapist. During that time, he also achieved his bachelor's degree in health care administration from Columbia Union College. Tim also holds an MS in Information Technology and an MBA in Healthcare Administration. He is working on his Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine with a specialty in Mindful Leadership in Healthcare from Saybrook University.   

In 1998, Tim added to his list of modalities CranioSacral Therapy. CranioSacral Therapy is a physiological process that requires only the lightest touch of the therapist. It focuses on the natural healing powers within the communication pathways of the spine and the mind. CranioSacral Therapy has been used to improve the body's resistance to diseases, including but not limited to autism, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, and chronic back and neck pain. Tim received his training from the Upledger Institute, the founder of which John E. Upledger pioneered and developed the process. 

In 2008 Tim had the opportunity and privilege to attend Sylvia Browne's Hypnosis Center with Melissa.  They spent 11 fabulous days in training. As a result, Tim is now certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Tim loves to use hypnosis to help people reach their full potential.

Tim's practical experience in the physical world of modern-day America and his natural gifts and talents as a therapist provides a unique experience for all his clients. He understands the Yin and can quickly offer the Yang to balance, center, and heal those who visit NOVA Alternative Wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the meaning of your logo?

   In short, our logo represents the infinite mind. Check out our YouTube video on our logo's meaning for a more detailed explanation!

I'm nervous about getting a massage. Can someone come with me?

   Of course! Making you feel comfortable and confident is our main priority. Our massage room even has a comfortable chair for a guest to sit in.

Is there scientific evidence to show that Reiki works?

     Yes, there is! Check out the Center for Reiki Research for more information.

Why are prices not listed on the website?

     Too often, we make a financial decision before we make a wellness decision. Our FREE preliminary consultation will help you better understand what treatment is most beneficial for you, without the stressful factor of a price tag.

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