Health Coaching

As graduates from Institute of Integrative Nutrition Melissa and Tim love to be working alongside those that need the extra support on their path of a healthier lifestyle.  Being trained in Manhatten, NYC, Melissa and Tim were exposed to many different diet plans, opportunities in how to create the best plan for their clients, body types, energetics of food, and many many other aspects of the body and how food, relationships, and even your job has an effect on the body such as weight gain, stress, cortisol levels, the emotional state, and many other things that contribute to being or becoming unhealthy.  


We are Keto friendly

Melissa and Tim have learned about the Ketogenic lifestyle.  As they have been on the Keto plan since October 2016 and it has made a huge difference within the body and bloodwork.  For example, when one has the ‘triple threat’ being, pre-diabetic, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, something clearly needs to be done, right?  Well, sometimes doctors like to only prescribe statins and other drugs to help the issue, wouldn’t you agree? Well, we know that diet is a big contributor to the ‘triple threat’ and so we learned about the Ketogenic Lifestyle and took it on.  Needless to say and learning the power behind Keto, for Tim’s sake, the ‘triple threat’ was gone! Thank goodness! Alongside that, on an even more positive note, with some unneeded weight, 15-20 pounds lighter, released!


We know it isn’t all about food and diet but our Primary Foods

As we know our emotional state plays a big factor in how our emotions relate to our physical bodies.  Being aware of how the Law of Attraction (LOA) works, our thoughts create things. How you may ask? When we have a thought, an emotion immediately follows.  When we have the emotion, we emit energy with that emotion then it is sent out and that which is likened unto itself is drawn. This is how the LOA works! It is a constant state of a cycle with a thought creates the feeling, the feeling creates energy, and the emotions create the thought.  You see, they feed each other whether you are aware of it or not. This is also known as the mirroring effect. The laws of the universe are key elements that take part in the intuitive coaching practice. The Laws indicate that everything is energy. Therefore, this means that we, as human beings, are vibrating energy, even though on different frequency levels, depending on the emotions that we are feeling and or experiencing.


We say this all to say, that what your emotional state may be it may not always be about the food in which you are ingesting, it may be the food that feeds your spiritual energetic self.  If all things were in perfect balance there would be nothing to fear, no upset, no negativity, no health issues, and the list goes on. As we know, most of us walk around unconscious and unaware.  With this being said, when our emotional state is compromised, we tend to go for the ‘comfort foods’ whatever they may be for YOU. This is something that we want to get to in the process of working with you, a balance that fits and is specific to YOUR needs only!

Melissa and Tim design a program specific to your needs and goals  

In this way, they can support you as best possible.  With a very detailed and in-depth health history questionnaire, we begin with getting to know you.  Getting to know you is on a platform of different levels and will get very specific with questions about your lifestyle, personal life, and things you may not have had the opportunity to discuss.  We create a very safe and freeing environment for you to be comfortable in allowing you to speak, emote, or what you need to be heard and understood with a compassionate heart. Melissa and Tim provide the best support in this way that one may not have experienced.  They meet you where you are as they work with you, and you do the work, hold you accountable every step of the way with support to keep you on your path.


We are undergoing a turning point in history. People are sicker and more obese than ever.  We live in one of the most unhealthy states in the country and it is a prominent problem. At the same time, people want to be healthy, but they don't know how to get there. That's where Melissa and Tim come in. As health coaches, they walk people through an increasingly challenging and confusing path to better health.