Seeing Yourself 'Broken'

Some people think or believe they are broken. Sorry to break the news to you but, well, you're not broken! No ONE is! We have pains, struggles, and traumatic experience that people think make or cause them to be broken. We aren't broken, we ARE experienced in certain situations and circumstances have these experiences be what forms us only if we allow it to be. We don't have to or need to as long as you are listening to your soul, body and inner wisdom that's signals us to receive healing or reach out for positive assistance along your journey. It takes a bit of time depending on the amount of 'brokeness' you have accepted. There is No-thing wrong with you nor is accepting the pains and struggles but, what is 'wrong' is that it may be your unwillingness to do the work to break free from all that has tied you down, held you back or has been a block in your life's work and path.

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