The Power of the Angelic Realm

Angels serve as our guardians, our protectors, our healers, our guides.

The light that shines from them to us, as they wait to be called upon as they watch over us is extraordinary. The ones that truly assist us when we ask. They are always here with us, it is us that may not always be there for them. We may not hear their call, see them, feel a tap on the shoulder, or feel their presence. The times we need them most, we forget that they are waiting to be asked to assist and guide us. When we are in the midst of the issue, situation, etc. we are more closed than ever. We don't hear, listen, or pay attention to anything or anyone that is trying to get our attention...we shut down!

If you had the opportunity to get tuned in, tapped in, and turned on and be an open vessel of communication, connectedness, and to be guided in a more effective and beneficial way, wouldn't you? I know I would and I DO! This certainly means that you have to get to work! This also comes with healing your body and soul, this comes with meditation, and an intensity that not everyone has or is willing to want. I DO! I want the truth, I want the honesty, I want the integrity of spirit to show me the way and to walk with me on my path and along my journey. Nothing worse than walking along and being hidden from the truth. Being in integrity and speaking your truth is also part of the work. If you are not ready, take a step everyday to get you there if you really want to. Remember, it's entirely up to you!

Here are some ways that Angelic beings can assist you in your life. For example, they can connect you to people that you need to meet in your life like clients, referrals, boss, etc.. They can also provide you with the connections and resources that you may be missing yet, desire like being in a new location, education, financing, etc. They will also present you with new opportunities. You know, when a door opens unexpectedly, are you in shear amazement? This is one of those things, it's possible that it appears like a miracle...but is it? Another thing that angels can help you with is putting those in your life to help you! Those may be accountants, coaches, advisers, or any other experts that can help you accomplish your desires or goals.

These are just a few ways that angels can help us with our financial situations to create more abundance and free flowing energy. Is it possible that they can help us with the blocks that cause the worry or the lack conversation along the lines of financial abundance? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Have you ever thought about how angels may be able to help you in your life? Consider this something to inquire about. 'Test the waters' so to speak if you are a little skeptical or just see how this may work open yourself up to the possibility.

Angels are loving, supportive, protective, and are always around us. They do want to help you, they do want to support you, they just, sometimes, need you to ask the question....they will always answer!

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