Serpent Energy

Getting comfortable no matter what the situation is. Being terrified of snakes my entire life, even this type, the fake ones, was always something I would never get 10' close to, I would run in the other direction! My heart would race, I would have anxiety, cry, scream, all the other emotions that don't serve me well. Since doing my work as a shaman, I have come to terms that serpent energy is much more powerful than just a silky, scaly, cold, slithery, sneaky, soft, & terrifying creature. It brings light, protection & when it sheds it's skin it is shedding & releasing the past. The snake or serpent is very intriguing and knowing that I will never own one or cuddle one they do have unique qualities and distinctions as any creature great or small. When they show up in dreams, I am more comfortable and I don't consider it a nightmare and have it send me into terror. I am more at ease and have a better understanding. Having a relationship with something that once terrified me on the exterior, learning the true aspects of it really give it a different meaning & clearly a different perspective. Don't get me wrong, not all are safe some even poisonous & some deadly. The snake or serpent is about rebirth and renewing. What are you willing to let go of to allow the space to grow &expand? As a shaman, embracing all elements is essential. Earth, wind, fire, water, rocks, plants, 4 legged, winged, feathered, & the unseen are all that we embrace & call upon.

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