Connection to the Beauty of Pachamama

A stop at Oak Creek Canyon just North ofto take some great shots of this absolutely breathtaking view. This is a moment for us to take the time to enjoy the beauty of great Pachamama. When we don't take the time to embrace what supports us most, you miss it's beauty, changes, honesty, as well as it's wholeness it so graciously offers and provides so unconditionally. What can you give unconditionally to someone close to you, someone you may not be fond of, someone you loathe? Think about you and your heart and how you give yourself the love that you need. Do you think it's easier to give to a complete stranger than yourself? How do you give lovingly and compassionately and unconditionally? Perhaps one should take a closer look at the inner mirror and see why you maybe holding back and what the root or true cause is or may be. The beauty within reflects outwardly. How do you want to be seen and reflected? Mother Earth is unconditional and nurturing to the soul and gives us so much so why can't you do the same for the soul self, those closest to you and those in need? Blessings from the beauty of Sedona, AZ during a very Healing time.

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