What is Your New Year's Resolution?

As Christmas comes to an end, the New Year quickly approaches us. 2019 is here and many of us tend to make New Year's Resolutions. What is your New Year's Resolution? As we know there are many resolutions that people make but the real question is do you keep them and really make them work? In most cases people get lost. They start out excited, gung-ho, energized and on their way...then what happens? After a week or two, you slow down or you have to work or you're too tired, don't have time, it's too cold, etc. as you can see there is a pattern that occurs. The pattern of excuses! Yep, I said, your pattern of excuses and you allow yourself to get away with them!!! Knowingly, that isn't what you want nor admit to. Well, guess what, sometimes you need something more! You may be wondering what that may be, thinking you can handle it all on your own that you don't need anyone to help, assist, or even hold YOU accountable. Guess what? YES, yes you do! We ALL do, even us!

Have you heard that coaches need coaches? Well, if you can be truly honest with yourself would you reach out to us and ask for our assistance in holding you in a supportive and safe space for a free initial consultation to see if we would be a good fit to work together and have a support system of commitment in place for you? What's it truly going to hurt?

We look forward to getting to know you, the real you, and being your partner throughout your entire process because Your well being is our commitment. Imagine, one conversation could change your entire life! Imagine you being further along than where you were a month ago, a week, or even 5 minutes ago. Is it possible? Absolutely! It's all in what you allow yourself to let go of and get out of...are you willing to free yourself from the fearful place you tend to hold yourself?

We tend to hold ourselves back with fear and what is unseen to the naked eye. This is where sometimes we may become lost. What that feeling is or thought pattern may be for you, we know that it is an uncomfortable space and place to be in. When we break through the uncomfortable space or place, you allow yourself to be free. Free from what may have been created by that fear or the unknown. There is a time when that unknown place, space, or darkness really becomes the place that is all knowing.

In the quiet, we hear, in the darkness we see, and in the light, we are guided.

Follow that light, open the eye to see, and hear the quiet.

Follow the lit path, as you are the only one walking it.

~ M. Savory

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