Multiple Therapist Technique



















This is our flagship treatment! When you take the culmination of years of experience and multiple modalities and apply it to one session, you get results! Over the past several years as a team, Melissa and Tim have had the opportunity to participate in multiple hands-on sessions. We have renamed this treatment the Multiple Therapist Technique (MTT). For an hour or so Melissa and Tim utilize all of their training and apply it to the client as needed, we find that there are times when both Feminine and Masculine energies are required. With “4 hands on” they get to address areas in need and accomplish more producing an enhanced outcome. Melissa and Tim move around the table/client with a collaborative (and at times intuitive) nature addressing the needs of the client with the specific modality. There are times that a treatment may need to be addressed from a physical and/or emotional/energetic perspective this type of work allows for both to be done in one session. We find great results with kids also!