Joy Belle, B.A., M.A., H.S.C., Master Life Coach, Intuitive Spiritual Coach

Joy Belle walks the line between the natural and the supernatural. She was born as a caulbearer in supernatural circumstances. She has a heightened sense of perception and intuition and an ability to see beyond the veil so to speak. Joy Belle began her spiritual journey at the age of 8. She was in a field at night and suddenly the sky opened up and a man named Jesus bathed in sparkling gold appeared to her and so began a sacred romance, a mystical journey to understanding. As a young child, she would sense things before they happened. Her parents not understanding her gifting nicknamed her “Jinx” and blamed her when her precognitions took place.  She has been a seer her entire life and often walks the line between life and death having survived multiple near-death experiences. While she ascribes to the tenets of Christ, she would not call herself a Christian. However, she is well versed in the teachings and texts of Christianity and very respectful of everyone's belief and worldview. As a spiritualist, Joy has interacted with the Universe, ancestors, and angels. She often journeys in dreams and has open visions.


Joy is known as a full body oracle and her clients observe her going into a trance state before allowing guides, ancestors, and angels to speak through her to the client. Joy believes that there is a sacred trust between her and the Universe and follows a guideline to do no harm but to illuminate and be a light in the darkness given to her by her main guide. Joy also enjoys making intuitive crystal jewelry while meditating.


Joy has 15 years of spiritual life coaching experience and she has helped clients go on to be successful in their endeavors by “seeing” and removing blockages and helping them find their voice. This is done by removing etheric blockages the client may have as well as intuitively looking for issues that may be unknown to the client.


During a typical “reading” you can expect that Joy will use every tool available to her in order to communicate directly with the spirit world. This will include oracle card readings, channeling,  angelic speech and the use of crystals to create a safe space.

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