Joy Belle, B.A., M.A., H.S.C., Master Life Coach, Intuitive Spiritual Coach

Joy is an intuitive healer and spiritual counselor who can tap into people’s energy to help them look deeply into themselves. She has a gift for getting to the core issue of a situation. She has the ability to see the energy that surrounds people or situations through oracle cards. She intends to use her intuitive gifts to help guide people to use theirs.  She feels her purpose is to help people know themselves because all the answers are within. 


Connecting with Spirit is as natural as breathing to Joy. As an awakened,  intuitive empath, she has spent over 40 years seeing and hearing in Spirit. Born with a seers caul over her face, Joy was the oracle of her family, where relatives young and old came to her to connect with their Spirit pathway. Often referred to as an “old soul,“ Joy expressed wisdom beyond her years. As an 8-year-old in a field in Michigan, she had a moving experience meeting Christ. This set her on a lifelong journey to connect with Christ’s energy. She decided to embrace her pathway; she was confronted with a spiritual dichotomy of wanting to love and help others but not knowing how.


 A spiritual dream encouraged her to pursue her Master’s in Life Coaching. She was trained in coaching families, couples, and individuals. As she began working in the coaching field, an encounter with her spirit guide Oswego led her back to the path of education.  She devoured teachings on crystal healing, scrying, oracle cards, astral projection, and remote viewing, to name a few, and became certified in them. 


As Joy traveled down her path, she had another profound experience with Spirit, where she was encouraged to learn more about communicating in a digital world. As she completed her Masters in Strategic Communication, she began to understand just how the world worked and how essential communication is. Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Philosophy, Joy embraces the yin and yang of Spirit. She understands the ethereal connections between heart and soul and how integral communication is.


Joy is a natural-born empath with clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant gifts, to name a few.  She utilizes her innate abilities to intuitively feel and perceive others to provide immense healing and loving guidance in her sessions. Her passion is to help people realize the ONENESS within all of us and how everything in the universe is connected through energy. She works with high vibrational frequencies of love and divine energy. 


She continues to develop her abilities and stay very active in her practice to sharpen her tools. Her first rule of thumb when giving a reading is that there is no right or wrong. She is not here to tell you what is wrong; she is here to guide you through the steps of healing. Going through your past, present, and future, she is here to help you have a piece of mind and to gain the clarity you deserve.


Joy offers readings with spiritual coaching from a love-centered view. Her heart is to bring as much love and light to her community as she can.