National Guild of Hypnotists

What is Hypnosis?

Many of us might imagine hypnosis as something from an old black-and-white movie, in which a mysterious man in black dangles a watch before the eyes of a helpless subject who then falls under his spell. Hypnosis does not put one under a spell. Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of deep relaxation, heightened awareness, and focused attention. This state, between wakefulness and sleep, is called the alpha state. Brainwave frequencies are slower in the alpha state than when awake, yet faster in the alpha state than when asleep. In this deeply relaxed state, the subconscious part of the mind accepts positive suggestions more readily, suggestions that can help you improve your life!

Past-Life Regression

Besides learning more about yourself, regressing to past lives can help you release fears, phobias, and negative patterns rooted in the past.


  • Gain insight as to why you are the way you are

  • Healing the past 

  • Remove blockages in your life to move you forward 

  • Resolve past issues

  • Improvement in career, intimacy, friendships, and personal growth



We can assist you in:


  • Stress Management

  • Learn to handle daily stress, control blood pressure, relieve pain, and sleep better

  • ​Positive affirmations for your food cravings, bad habits, and weight management

  • Stop smoking

  • Tap into your super-conscious to create abundance during trying times


Hypnosis has been particularly successful with those who have failed with other methods.

We have a six-week, in-person, coaching program that you will have to opportunity to be coached for an hour and a half and the last half hour; we will solidify with positive affirmations and reinforcement from your coaching session with hypnosis.

We will coach you through the process of, just to name a few;

  • Weight loss

  • Organizational skills

  • Purpose driven life

  • Career Goals

  • Career advancement

  • Relationships


Most adults carry around a ton of stress whether it be related to work, traffic, worrying about finances, and their children's academic achievements. We all need some type of guidance, support and someone to listen to us when times get tough. We are here to help you heal, gain clarity and to release the pressure. Although, if you just want to improve those things that are going well for you, we can help you stay focused on what is working.


We know that teens struggle with pier pressure, test anxiety, bullying and feel too much fear to turn for help. We can help them to gain focus, courage, confidence, and strength to help them get back on a more positive track.


If they can dialogue and know the basic areas of the body, which may include specific organs like the lungs, heart, stomach, and the blood then we can work with them.